Madame Bibelots House of Otherworldly Delights

An interactive immersive experience evoking the spirit of a Victorian travelling show.
A commission for Catstrand Arts Centre, Dumfries and Galloway 2011

‘Amazing, so many surprises. Loved it!’

‘Weird and wonderful’

‘Brilliant event, loved all the spooky characters’

Visitors comments

“Roll up roll up, come and join your hostess Madame Bibelot as she presents a spectacular Halloween art event. ‘Madame Bibelots House of Otherworldly Delights’ is a bizarre concoction of entertainments and diversions, evoking the spirit of a Victorian travelling fair. Be entertained by Professor Fromaggio and his cure all potions, Olga the worlds first telekinetic baby and the Last Mountain Dancer, laugh yourself into a stupor in the hall of mirrors, be amazed by the predictions of Madame Dairy Lee, thrill at the spooky films, and stare in disbelief at the rarities and oddities. Not to be missed!”  

“We were really excited to host the Madame Bibelot event. The Catstrand was completely transformed into a bizarre world of strange happenings and creepy characters”

Rachel Thompson. Manager Catstrand Art Centre
Madame Bibelot greeted visitors and introduced them to the numerous attractions which included:
  • The Pig Lady 
  • The Bearded Woman
  • The Hooded Claw
  • The Palace Cinema
  • Peep boxes 
  • The Last Mountain Dancer
  • Olga The Telekinetic Baby
  • Madame Dairy Lee
  • The Dangerous Twins
  • Zombie baby…. and much more!

A selection of Madame Dairy Lee’s Tarot Cards

Cards cunningly crafted by the hands and mind of Yael Spyer