Bedlam Boudoir

“A low down dirty lack of shame”

Recycled Couture 2003-2013

Bedlam Boudoir produced hand made, unique fashion and luxury items of clothing for men and women using garments rescued from landfill destination. Quality second-hand items were re-fashioned using vintage and found materials where possible – “Recycled Couture”. The ladies sold these boutique clothes to the highly fashion-conscious “label” generation as well as older, more discerning clients looking for something special. 

Labels were an important feature of the look of our products, as was the presentation and packaging.  These were “anti-label” labels, as they displayed the wearer as someone who has chosen to purchase a product made in the UK by workers, who own and manage their own company. A product made from largely reclaimed materials, produced using largely renewable power and handmade. The ladies ran market stalls & events to promote not only their clothing adaptation skills but also their sense of fun during an event, quite often bringing the party environment as well as themed set dressing, props and entertainment. Bedlam Boudoir was the precursor to Collective Nonsense.

“The Ladies that know how to do it” – Clare Gough.

Images by Dave Gough, Doralbo Picerno, Dafydd Owen and Jo Hodges.

The Bedlam Boudoir Ladies are:

Historic story board for Bedlam Boudoir