Festival Spaces

Collective Nonsense creates fantastical, quirky, irreverent party spaces at festivals and events. From Madame Bibelots House of Phantasmogorical Delights at Solfest to Gay Paris at Beatherder, each space is custom designed with themed decor and props, interactive installations, surprises and flamboyant, anarchic characters. Our fabulous in house and guest DJ’s ensure that our spaces are always packed with festival goers partying to the finest of tunes. From creating cheesy gameshows to quirky cabarets, nylon nights and victorian travelling shows, Collective Nonsense do it in glorious style… all powered by the wind and the sun. 

Collective Nonsense have created festival spaces for Solfest, BeatherderEden, Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party and many more..


From 2012 to present

Julie’s Barn aka GAY PARIS “Collective Nonsense presents 3 curated nights of DJs intent on making you smiley and sweaty with tunes to lift you up whilst getting low down and dirty with a mash-up of beats from jungle to cheese; ghettofunk to disco; bassline to smooth house; and more! Always more! In a fantastical setting – inside and out – be tantalised by the curious play on camp, the colourful, post-hedonistic and hearty, all brought to you by the infamous wonky collective renowned for providing a beautiful, banging party with love! All on a flashing dancefloor!”

The Collective Nonsense Space at Beatherder

Decor and flashing dance floor by Collective Nonsense

Our D.J’s…..

Collective Nonsense have a host of fabulous in house and guest DJ’s that bring the finest of funky tunes and bad ass beats to festivals and events. Dressing up, dancing and being part of the party is what the Collective Nonsense DJ’s do best! All powered by our amazing off-grid 12 volt sound system.


Themed Spaces

Madame Bibleot’s House of Phantasmagorical Delights

Madame Bibleots House of Phantasmagorical Delights at Solfest was a fantastical reinvention of the Victorian travelling show. Visitors were invited to witness The fabled Last Mountain Dancer, marvel at the strange and daring cabaret acts, visit the live peep show, take part in making a movie for The Palace Cinema, have their fortune told by Madame Dairy Lee and glimpse extraordinary miniature worlds through the peep wall……and as always the chance to party all night, every night to the finest of our in house DJ’s…all powered by the wind and the sun.

The Last Mountain Dancer at Solfest

Performance and Walkabout

Collective Nonsense create some of the finest, eclectic interactive walkabout and performance. Past classics have included: The Fashion Police….The Boat Race….The Smallest Disco in the World…. Twisted Mullet 80’s Exercise Classes….12v Disco Du Fromage and The Cheesometer, Cabaret Mondo….Land Based Synchronised Swimming….The Handbag of Love….The Debutantes

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Vein Thrombosis‘ are our rancid granny burlesque act, performing at venues and festivals all over the UK. They have also been known to wander off around festival sites, attempt parkour on the streets of Glasgow and run revolting bingo sessions; guaranteed to challenge your perceptions of growing old ‘gracefully’.

The ‘Granny Parlour’ has become an infamous chill out space at Eden Festival. Populated with comfy sofas, chintzy curtains, standard lamps, tea trolleys and tunes from ‘back in the day’, it’s a place for hanging out and building your own offensive granny persona with a ‘granny makeover’. The rancid grannies themselves even show up from time to time and make themselves more than familiar with those present, behaving extremely rudely, asking for very intimate personal details, giving out safe sex advice from their own rich life experiences and pushing every boundary and stereotype possible.

And finally, a selection of posters and fliers from our archives….