Collective Nonsense is an autonomous artists network specialising in celebratory events, installations and performance art all powered by the wind and the sun.

Collective Nonsense is a force of nature, a whirlwind of creativity, which has provided many memorable and cutting edge productions from public art events to interactive party spaces at festivals.

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A unique event reinterpreting the 70’s urban disco experience. SuperNature was an amazing immersive arts event that took place in a stunning woodland setting. The audience were taken through the woods at dusk where they met disco themed animal characters and were taught a sequence of funky dance moves. The centrepiece was a nightclub entrance leading to a spectacular full size solar powered dance floor deep in the woods.

We need more of this in our lives. Magic

BBC Radio Scotland

Madame Bibelots House of Otherworldly Delights

An immersive art experience. “Roll up roll up, join your hostess Madame Bibelot as she presents ‘Madame Bibelots House of Otherworldly Delights’; a bizarre concoction of entertainments and diversions, evoking the spirit of a Victorian travelling fair. Be entertained by Professor Fromaggio and his cure all potions, Olga the worlds first telekinetic baby and the Last Mountain Dancer. Laugh yourself into a stupor in the hall of mirrors, be amazed by the predictions of Madame Dairy Lee, thrill at the spooky films, and stare in disbelief at the rarities and oddities. Not to be missed!”

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Collective Nonsense creates fantastical irreverent party spaces at festivals and events. From Madame Bibelots House of Phantasmogorical Delights at Solfest to Gay Paris at Beatherder, each space is custom designed with themed decor and props, interactive installations and happenings. Our fabulous in house and guest DJ’s ensure that our spaces are always packed with festival goers partying to the finest of tunes. From cheesy gameshows to bizarre cabarets and victorian travelling shows, Collective Nonsense do it glorious style! READ MORE

“Collective Nonsense effortlessly blend the ability to amuse and entertain with artistic excellence. They are highly recommended”

Simon Kay, Director, Solfest


Collective Nonsense have 4 11mx 11m Stretch tents and a solar powered 5m x 5m light up dance floor for hire.


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