The Collective Nonsense crew at Beatherder festival 2017

Collective Nonsense is a constituted, non-profitmaking, non-hierarchical, autonomous artists network. Members create boundary pushing innovative art installations, elaborate costumed performance art, community arts events, festival experiences and celebratory events. The collective’s art events use the audience as a primary component within the work, the intention being to involve the audience and artists in the same adventure. The work seeks to challenge and involve audiences in non linear journeys, exploring the paradoxes and connections between spectator/participant, familiar/unfamiliar and expected/unexpected. In the spirit of celebration and using the power of nonsense and joy as acts of rebellion, members share a vision to collaborate in facilitating creative transformational experiences. Events aim to challenge existing stereotypes and preconceptions, capitalism and consumerism, inequality and ecocide. All projects are underpinned by the tenets of fun, creative excellence and sustainability and are powered by renewables.

Collective Nonsense holds a bank of resources including sound equipment, solar and wind power, props, costumes, lighting, stretch tents and even a solar powered flashing dance floor! See here for information about hires.

Members and activities are UK-wide with Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland as the current base. Collaboration is on an ‘as and when’ basis, and in-between events, members share resources and skills while pursuing their own work.

Collective Nonsense effortlessly blend the ability to amuse and entertain with artistic excellence. They are highly recommended.

Simon Kay, Director, Solfest