Digital Decontamination Portal

‘A fascinating and thought provoking experience’

Visitor to the DDP at Sanctuary Lab

Development and design of the ‘Digital Decontamination Portal’, an immersive experience for Sanctuary Lab 2015. Sanctuary Lab is an art laboratory in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park that explores relationships to environment, technology, culture and science.

Collective Nonsense encouraged the audience to consider their relationship with technology by the creation of a ‘Digital Decontamination Portal’ that people passed through before entering the event space. The portal encouraged people to shed their ‘digital skin’ and leave their online persona behind for the duration of their time on site; no social media, no internet browsing, no phone calls. Operatives directed arrivals through the transition. In the Processing Area, phones were placed in anti static bags and participants scanned for ‘digital contamination’. They were then invited into the The Digital Decontamination Portal where ‘decontamination’ took place via an audio work (Kerry Jones) delivered by wireless headphones.

Sanctuary Lab is curated by Collective Nonsense members Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges.